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Recent literature in medline also has noted implementation of barbed suture in these procedures. Biomaterials are, in their simplest form, plastic implants used to correct or replace damaged body parts. Biomaterials were not used for reconstructive purposes until after World War II due to the new and improved technology and the tremendous need for the correction of damaged body parts that could replace transplantation. The process involves scientific and medical research to ensure that the biomaterials are biocompatible and that they can assume the mechanical and functioning roles of the components they are replacing.

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A successful implantation can best be achieved by a team that understands not only the anatomical , physiological , biochemical , and pathological aspects of the problem, but also comprehends bioengineering. Cellular and tissue engineering is crucial to know for reconstructive procedures. An overview on the standardization and control of biomedical devices has recently been gathered by D.

Papers have covered in depth the U. Two papers have described how the National Bureau of Standards, American Dental Association, National Institute of Dental Research, and private dental companies have collaborated in a number of important advances in dental materials, devices, and analytical systems.


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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Skin grafting: an example of reconstructive procedure. Definition of plastic surgery: A historical perspective.

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Retrieved Plastic surgery: a component in the comprehensive care of cancer patients. It begins with a definition and abbreviated history of the field, highlighting its clinical roots. An introduction to the four material classifications--metals, polymers, ceramics, and composites--is then presented, providing the reader with basic properties of each group and examples of materials.

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Sections on nanotechnology and tissue engineering also briefly describe development within the field. Finally, the evolution of treatments for pectus excavatum and congenital diaphragmatic hernias are presented, highlighting the role of biomaterials. While providing a primer of the field, this paper shows the broad interdisciplinary reach of material science in surgery and suggests sources for further investigations.

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