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The Final Frontier The final frontier is comprehending the role illusion plays in making reality appear as it does , why it must be in the form of illusion, and its ultimate source. Who are you? What is you life all about? When we ask the above questions we do so with the conviction that it is the physical universe and our physical identity we each perceive ourselves to be that we seek these answers for. This is however a limited concept.

Christ Returns - Reveals Startling Truth

When you ask any question or seek any knowledge, is it not for the benefit of you, the physical identity you see yourself as? No matter what we do, whether considered real or imagined, it is always directly related to whom and what we each "see" ourselves to be. We in fact are each the perceived center of our individual perspective on reality. This however is an illusion. Reology explores this illusion. So what exactly is Reology? First, it is not to be confused with real estate for which this word is sometimes used or the Science of Rheology, often misspelled Reology.

For these articles, Reology is simply drawing conclusions about experience based on the most fundamental aspects of reality. All our perceptions are based on three things we assume are fundamental facts of existence:. If these three fundamental "truths" are facts, why are each riddled with contradictions?

Quantum theory

Physiologically, the way we perceive reality occurs through our cognitive ability, a completely subjective experience, and what we call our objective experience that results from our five physical senses. While we know very little about the source and function of our subjective experience, we know quite a lot about our objective experience. We know how the senses function, and the electro-chemical processes that give each sense its ability to detect and recognize experience.

We know where in our brain specific types of experiences are processed. We are completely clueless what consciousness is and where it comes from despite how masterfully we seem to be able to use it. Herein is the dilemma; in order to physically sense things, that is to see, touch, hear, taste, and smell things, our nerves must first translate these stimuli into an electro-chemical code that must be relayed to the brain, where this code is then translated into the experience we just recognized.

This code is so specific and so precise, it distinguishes subtle differences between similar experiences as easily as it distinguishes between the obvious differences. Not until the brain assigns an identity to this code, can we know we are on the verge of a cutting experience. The same process applies to all our sensory experience. In the most literal sense then, our objective perceptions of reality are actually purely subjective.

This of course appears totally nonsensical. If we look around, there is a multitude of objects and events which we can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. All these reside outside ourselves and are obviously objective experience. Who can even question this? We all should, because this is not absolute reality and we have the direct evidence of its true nature. Why then are we "blind" to this "true nature"?

Because of the almost perfect design of this Grand Illusion, for quite literally, there cannot be objective experience. The only experience we are capable of having is exclusively subjective. If we focus on the nature of our physical senses, and visualize the process they must perform in order for us to have recognition of experience, we have the proof of the above statement.

This Proof lies in our own experience of this process. Nothing can be detected as objective until it first is experienced subjectively. You have no way of knowing about the sharp object above until your mind lets you know it is there. Your fingers do not recognize or define what they touch.

You eyes do not recognize or define what they see. Only the mind can do this, and only when it deciphers an electro chemical code delivered to it via the nervous system in a process that takes time to complete.

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This is of course no revelation because science has established this is how our senses and recognitions work. We do not however go about our lives with this process of recognizing experience subjectively at the forefront of our thoughts. Instead, we assume physical experience is objective and label it as such. This is an illusion however. OK, you might be willing to consider there is an illusionary nature to our perceptive ability.

What about the "stuff" we and the universe are structured of? What about matter and energy. Certainly these are no illusion regardless of how our senses detect them. Then why, as we break matter down from its form as compounds to its form as molecules, then its form as atomic structure, and then its form as subatomic particles, does it become less and less physical to the point that the only time it can only appear physical is when, and only when, we observe or measure it?

When we stop observing, it loses all physical characteristics completely, so we cannot be sure it is even there any more. This is Quantum Mechanics, and has scientists baffled. Why is this so baffling? Because we assume the physical reality is absolute, just as we assume our perception of physical reality is absolute. When we dismantle the structure of physical things, we expect to find how the components that make up these things work together to create the structure we dissected. We expect these components to obey the same laws of nature that the things they combine to create obey. Instead they function based upon what we think are probabilities that are oblivious to the laws of physics and time as we know them on our level of reality.

They only appear as real physical objects and experiences when they are observed, otherwise we are incapable of knowing and proving anything exists outside our observations of them, and that includes us. What then of space and time? Surely these have to be absolute, for whether we are experiencing objective experience or subjective experience, it still has to occur somewhere and has to take time to experience. What really is space and time?

If physical reality is an illusion, and we each are the physical illusions of ourselves, how could space and time even exist? What meaning would they have apart from supporting the physical illusion? We even have the direct evidence of this. Think of any experience you choose. Reading this article for example. Where is the space in which you reside having this experience? Where is the time it is taking? Grand Illusion.

The only "time" that physical reality appears physical is in this present instant of observation that allows us to perceive things as physical. Our entire history, all we know, happens right now because this is the only time it can. Now think of some event from memory; something that happened to you in the past. When did this experience occur? Despite what you think, it is occurring right now, in this present instant, in your subjective perceptive reality. Because right now is the only time that exists; it is the only time there is; it is the only point in which you can experience anything, whether you believe it is real or imagined, or remembered.

History and the future, both personal and collective, can only exist right now. Let's go to the dawn of time as we understand it, the Big Bang. When did that happen? Yes, as difficult as it is to comprehend, it didn't happen, but is instead happening right now in this instant of awareness and recognition, again, because right now is the only time we can have awareness and recognition.

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There simply is no other time. You cannot objectively or subjectively experience a millisecond ago any more than you can experience a millisecond from this instant, except right now. Everything that happens can only happen right now, in this present instant.

By Anonymous & Manuel Pinheiro Chagas

This instant is not a function of time, for it has neither a beginning nor end. It's quite incomprehensible actually, but again, it is the only "time" that both our subjective recognitions and our seeming objective experience can occur; it is the only point in which anything can exist, whether considered real or imagined. They are one and the same phenomena.

Observing matter as real in the instant of observation Quantumly is observing experience as real in the instant of recognition cognitively. Both occur in our mind, in this instant.