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This memoir is a vivid and accurate description of the Vietnam War. Millions of other stories are even more dramatic than those in this book, and every trooper who carried a rifle and rucksack in Vietnam now carries around in his own mind a book full of stories similar to these. Written some sixteen years after it took place, this story tells how I envisioned the Vietnam War during the late s. I was young and inexperienced and had no doubts that my country was doing the right thing by its involvement in this faraway land.

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Being a product of the post-World War II baby boom, I was brought up hating communism even though I knew very little about it. Serving a year in Vietnam instilled in me the knowledge that communism was truly a reign of horror, and though I still feel our cause was just, I now have doubts and questions that I fear may forever go unanswered. This is a superb book for anyone wishing to know what life was like for an infantryman in Vietnam.

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