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Cassandra Clare. Divergent Divergent, Book 1. The Hobbit. Rick Riordan. The Evil We Love. Bitter of Tongue. The Whitechapel Fiend. The Lost Herondale. The Fate of Ten. Pittacus Lore. Peter Lerangis. United As One. John Flanagan. Magisterium: The Copper Gauntlet. Magisterium: The Bronze Key. Suzanne Collins. Loki's Wolves. Catching Fire. Magisterium: The Iron Trial. Holly Black. Scorpion Mountain Brotherband Book 5.

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Flight or Fright. Stephen King. Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth. Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters Book 2. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Book 1. Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer Book 1. Halo: First Strike. Eric Nylund. Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor Book 2. The Demigod Diaries Heroes of Olympus. Edgar Pangborn. Neal Shusterman. The Illustrated Man. Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead Book 3. Something Wicked This Way Comes. Percy Jackson and the Greek Heroes. Halo: The Cole Protocol.

Halo: Contact Harvest. Joseph Staten. Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods. Spirit Animals 4: Fire and Ice. Shannon Hale. The October Country. Wendy Mass. R is for Rocket. Pendragon: Quillan Games. Dandelion Wine. Demigods and Monsters. Published by Zumaya Publications. Available as an audiobook, ebook, or paperback. Meet Threadbare. He is twelve inches tall, full of fluff, and really, really bad at being a hero. Magically animated and discarded by his maker as a failed experiment, he is saved by a little girl. Which is good, because his creator has a whole lot of enemies….

Threadbare is a gamelit story. It takes place in a world that operates under game mechanics, with levels, hit points, and oh so many easter eggs and gamer in-jokes. It is also the story of a little girl and her teddy bear, and spans three volumes, with more on the way. Are you a Sherlock Holmes fan? Do you know a Sherlock Holmes fan?

And for a non-fiction but entirely readable proof behind this radical notion, see SHADOW WOMAN, by the same author, containing 30 years of research and analysis that will have you wondering at how and why someone as sophisticated as the creator of Sherlock Holmes could have gone to her grave never acknowledging her astonishing accomplishments.

Or her age. They need glider pilots, and the smaller the better. Raisa is fourteen. Born to a line of powerful silk merchants, her rebellion against an arranged marriage is doomed. The Avians are her only alternative. Hi everyone I have a steampunk, secondary world fantasy novel available. That question haunts Jacquie Renairre for six years as she hunts down the people responsible for murdering her parents. Not even accepting an assignment to investigate a conspiracy that aims to start a war can keep her from searching for the stolen key.

With the world edging closer to disaster, Jacquie is running out of time to figure out how the war, the key, and ancient legend are intertwined. The Federation of Independent Worlds returns to the planet Sestanus after many decades to restore the abandoned populace with its gift of citizenship. They dispatch one of their corporate contractors, Ascension Engineering and Mining Concern, to stabilize the planet and restore the economic might to this long-neglected sector.

He struggles to balance working with mysterious allies and protecting the men and women of his elite squad. Esperian finds further complications with the discovery of alien technology from multiple races not known to have previously visited the planet. He faces a collision of his past, present, and future, knowing it cannot be coincidence, and wonders what it will mean for everything happening on Sestanus.

Stuck between the boring life of a ghost in this world and the terrifying prospect of three-headed hell hounds, final judgment, and eternal torment in the next, Irene sets out to find a third option—preferably one that involves not being dead anymore. Available in paperback, ebook all formats , and the first book Hereafter is available in audio book.

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How about some free books? And if you like them, you can grab them in paperback for your favorite friend! First up is Maggie for Hire. This is snarky urban fantasy with lots of cussing, brawling, and unladylike behavior. Next up, how about a YA gothic penny dreadful? Grab A Spirited Manor! Friendly chills without all the blood spills. And then some YA shifter awesomeness with a strong female lead. The Dark of Twilight. Again, free on all platforms. Sixth moon of Saturn. A gleaming jewel of natural resources, ripe for harvesting by the first private space company to stake a claim.

Diamond Aerospace launches a ship with an experimental engine that will get a crew to Titan in five months. Their mission is to lay the groundwork for a permanent orbital research station, one that will be the future base of operations for activity on that distant moon. Shortly after launch, a devastating malfunction forces the crew to make a choice: continue to Titan, or go back home.

As the truth about their mission unravels, one thing is clear: someone on Earth knew about the system flaw and covered it up. Even if they make it to Titan, they will face another problem:. Sally Dahl thought she was casting rune spells for a healthier planet, but a grievous error in her magickal calculations has her calling up legendary Berserker warriors instead—sworn into her service, and with bottomless junk food cravings.

Worse, her mistake rebounds and ages her at an alarming rate. So much for saving the Earth. With her own life on the line, can Sally harness her power and find her way to a new generation of Vikings in time to prevent Ragnarok? Moon Dog Magic is the first book in the Rune Witch urban fantasy series—and book six will be out before the end of the year. Start reading today! Fifty years after first contact, the Qyntarak dominate the planet politically and economically.

Now things are about to get much worse. Grieving and ill-equipped, they need to stay alive long enough to get those secrets into the hands of people who can use them. But how much more will they have to sacrifice to see it through to the end? Get it, get it? Heh heh. Cheerful in the face of dark opposition. Innovative to improve a backward world. Industrial as a cure for oppressive conditions. Unyielding beneath all who seek to bind and control them. Faithful until they conquer the fear of death and rise to great acts of heroism and service.

Mormons and Steampunks are two faces of the same coin. Twelve authors spin tales of true believers facing impossible odds, risking this life in the hope of gaining something better after. Hays and Meg Weidman. The perfect gift for dog lovers and Oz fans of all ages. Two young Vushla questioned what everyone knew about death. What should they do with the answer? When the time comes for Vushla to die, they go into the ocean and are dissolved away.

But when he meets a young Vushlu who lives by the sea, Terrill must confront information that calls this fundamental belief into question. Will the two of them discover the truth? And what should they do with what they find? Hi, John. Quick question: is there a way for me to use images from my site in my comment?

I was hoping to show off the covers. The Bug Boys! Two South Yorkshire lads, infected with alien nanobots, discover they can absorb the abilities of the bugs they swallow. What follows is a crazy set of adventures as they explore their abilities and limitations, and deal with the aliens who sent the nanobots to Earth. Cowboys and Dragons. Gods and Centaurs. The Five Corner Rose embodies the myths and legends of the creation of the world. And, perhaps, its destruction.

Book 1 of series. Their new flatmates are laid-back Sanjay and conspiracy theorist Pete. Ben Cabot is more at home in a lab. Together, with their combined lack of experience, they have to find out what got the old team killed. Most historical fiction embedded in the Elizabethan era tends to be bodice-ripping tales of Court intrigue, set amidst the silken splendor of palaces. Mine tends to hang about in ale-soaked taverns, muddy streets and fetid back-alleys where cold-steel by lantern light offers redemption or grim death by turns….

Ex-soldier turned play-actor Christopher Tyburn thought he had left bloodshed and violence behind him when he abandoned the war against the Spanish in Flanders, but fate has different and far bloodier plans waiting. When Tyburn accidentally intercepts a coded letter from a hidden Jesuit priest in Warwickshire, he is entangled in a murderous and deadly conspiracy. Stalked by unknown enemies, he must race to uncover the conspiracy and hunt down the Jesuit to clear his name. Ally Brown has lost her creative voice as a comedian and is hiding her failure from Drew Stephens, her live-in boyfriend.

She has a day job as a legal assistant at a prestigious New York law firm which she is not particularly good at and also hates. When Elise Newman, the attorney she works with, disappears without a trace, an already bad day escalates into a violent encounter with a man in the park. Gaining a false sense of control, Ally channels her rage into further acts of vigilantism until someone discovers her secret and wants to exploit her newfound violent disposition for their own gain.

If America and the world had to cope with alien invasions, radioactive mutants and mad scientists, while launching humanity into space years earlier than in our timeline? Atoms for Peace tells the adventures of science investigators Steve Flanagan and Gwen Montgomery and National Guard medic Dani Taylor as they cope with their personal struggles while trying to keep the world safe.

Available in hardback from Amazon and ebook from multiple retailers. This fantasy adventure from bestselling author Kaitlyn Davis is perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Kristin Cashore, and Tamora Pierce! Campbell award two years in a row. Sorry, George! A student at the Pifianka Academy of Polytechniques, Khaly accidentally reveals her magical gifts when she brings her school project, a mechanical dragon, to life. Forced into hiding from the Guild, a powerful government faction with the sole purpose of destroying all magic, Khaly discovers that the Guild has bigger plans than simply snuffing out all magic; they want complete control of non-magic users as well.

I arrived on the Spanish island of La Palma with a six month contract. Chedey will tell you how his world collapsed when the Spanish conquered the Island in , Althay will explain what happened when the volcano erupted, Daida shares her visit from an extraterrestrial and Leyre will take you out into space. Suitable for year olds. Available at Dragontee. Nine quirky SF stories from the off-beat imagination of Sheila Crosby. Chose from. PDF for almost anything. Due to the changes in EU sales tax, this book is currently only available from Amazon.

The Tales from the Canyons of the Damned anthology series is best described as Black Mirror for the printed page. In a solar system sucked dry by corporate miners who have now all but abandoned it, Mya just wants to enjoy her job as a salvager. But when an unlikely salvage turns out to not only be historical but embarrassing to the corporation that founded the system, powerful interests try to stop her.

Can she prevail with the help of her friends and the people? Not only do they have to keep it a secret, but Elizabeth must learn quickly how to master them. For a psychic in a Great House is a political liability which her father, Jonathan Weldsmore, knows only too well. As the Great Houses jockey for power, the three of them must contend with treachery, subterfuge, and potentially a new demonic threat, in this political and supernatural thriller set in an alternate-history Boston of Throttling the Bard, a modern tale of motorcycle road trip mayhem, has been described as Don Quixote meets Easy Rider.

Hilarity ensues when an antiquated English professor and his grad student travel the state of Nevada encountering cults, drugs, and the Burning Man Arts Festival. Within the pristine halls of academia lurks the unsavory department of financial aid, and an English professor who has bilked that system in order to redistribute its wealth to students of a lower socioeconomic class. Fearing that his teaching career will end prematurely, Vendicarsi must ride to Reno to face the inscrutable loan board. Graduate student Quentin Mann goes along for the ride, thinking that the trip is the perfect opportunity to force dissertation comments from Dr.

Together they embark upon a quixotic motorcycle trip across Nevada where they encounter everyday Americana: a book burning cult, drugs, captivating women, and the Burning Man arts festival. A new reality show pits ten contestants against one another, confined to a cramped bunker deep underground. But when the production crew learns that they are trapped with no way of contacting the world above, they are faced with a difficult choice: do they reveal the truth and risk panicking the players, or continue with the increasingly cutthroat game?

Hey everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read this! The Inconvenient God is available in ebook and paperback formats from Annorlunda Books: here. Like reading fun fiction that appeals to both teens and adults? Also a fan of music biographies? If you dare to at that point. Rule number two in the music business: rules were made to be broken. Meet the Lidwells! Doug Shepherd, has been out of the military for nine years when the U. Army re-activates his status. Within 48 hours Shep finds himself at a secret scientific military installation in Antarctica, tasked with finishing the work of a scientist who committed suicide—or was murdered.

But something is dangerously wrong at Camp Crystal. Deep within the bowels of the experimental facility Shep will discover the horrifying truth. But the clock is ticking. In darkest Antarctica, a storm is coming.. What happens if you try to retire a god who is not ready to leave?

This official from the Ministry of Divinities is about to find out. The Inconvenient God , a novelette, is available in ebook and paperback, from Annorlunda Books. Link here! Do you have a Mac, or an iPhone, or an iPad, or a web browser? If so, you can pick up a copy of my recently like yesterday!

This page book explains how to use Pages on all of the platforms for which Apple makes it available. No, worries: even if you get the previous version 2. Ten years ago Rook Aeron knelt in the mud next to her dying grandfather, begging forgiveness for killing him. Instead, she got the Black Hare. In the decade since that rainy, bloody day Rook has drifted through life, always dreading the unwelcome appearance of the Hare. For when the dark creature appears it takes her away to areas where a violent death has occurred. The pain and suffering of a person who dies in violence stains the very earth itself, kindling a cancer of misery that touches all life.

To deal with the mess of her life and the burden of what she has done Rook armors herself in booze and sarcasm. She sees no future beyond endless service to the Hare. Red Horse River is unlike any place Rook has ever been. For one, there is a coursing magic that runs under the town. Reluctantly, Rook is drawn into the middle of the strange happenings in this strange town.

In the course of tracking the killer she discovers that there is more to her than existing as a drunken failure. She has a deadly power of her own. But is there enough time left in her life to become the person she was destined to be? Her boss, a seven-foot-tall rage demon, has control of everything but his anger.

And her cat wants to eat her. Things could be better. It is a witty tale of conformity, prejudice, and transformation, in a world that is disturbing as much for its familiarity as for its strangeness. In a place where everyone is different, Elsa is the wrong kind of different, and that means facing pity, discrimination, danger, and sharp teeth. Ever wonder why Swamp Thing was a hit and Man-Thing never took off?

What were they all fighting for, anyway? The great composers of the century Mendelssohn, Chopin, Liszt, Wagner, and Tchaikovsky among others have their entrances and exits when their lives cross those of the trio — and the ghosts of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert are never distant. Firmly grounded in fact, the book unfolds like a novel, a narrative of love, insanity, suicide, revolution, politics, war — and, of course, music.

A Star Trek style space opera, featuring an own-voice queer autistic woman protagonist. Available as e-book or paperback. A sequel, Tone of Voice , is out as e-book, paperback forthcoming. But her skill at negotiating with alien species is about to be put to the ultimate test.

The Anmerilli, a notoriously reticent and xenophobic people, have invented a powerful weapon that will irrevocably change the face of space combat. Now the Starsystems Alliance has called in Xandri and the crew of the Carpathia to mediate. Amidst sabotage, assassination attempts, and rampant cronyism, Xandri struggles to convince the doubtful and ornery Anmerilli.

As tensions rise and tempers threaten to boil over, Xandri must focus all her energy into understanding the one species that has always been beyond her: her own. If you know someone who may benefit from reading it, I would be really grateful for sharing a link. Adventurers call it Vegas because it offers so much to do. Thanks very much, John. Enjoying your work since finding you 10 years ago :. Giving an ereader and want to add a great read, or just love some romantic suspense for yourself? Mountain of Lies is currently free to download! The future is a pain in the ass. Detective Frank Mallory investigates a case about an empathy drug gone wrong and the serial killer who learns to abuse it.

Click here. They called her Isobel then. Her hair was bright and her eyes were dark; she took in the world and she burned. And so it was no surprise that she began to stray, into the forest and far from the village, to those deep forbidden places where the magicians were said to dwell. They took the forms of animals. They were tricksters. She had been warned of them since birth. And yet from the moment Absalom beckoned, and she touched his thick red fur, seeing the shades of sunrise, she knew where she belonged.

The fox was sleek and beguiling, and she, having nothing, could neither give nor lose. This festive fantasy is all about the authentic small town Christmas experience in Tasmania: white wine in the sun, upside down traditions, unexpected Norse magic, ravens, a film crew determined to make Hallmark Movies eat their dust, a mountain covered in snow… and a dragon, probably. Alice Peavley, young heiress, had hoped life would be simple once everything surrounded her inheritance had been settled. However, life had other ideas, and Alice keeps running into touchy situations and absurd adventures!

From book thievery to motorcar mayhem, riding flightless birds to outwitting mad scientists, Alice must face them all…and will hopefully triumph with the help of her eccentric and loyal friends, her brainy gnome valet Macalley, and a good cup of tea. Blending comedy, steampunk, and fantasy, Tales of Peavley Manor is an entertaining and delightful collection of four mannerpunk novelettes! Imagine if Lady Catherine de Bourgh had the internet. And a Twitter account. Got it?

For the child who loves time-travel adventures, how about In a Pickle? A time-traveling orphan gets caught up in a murder in s Chicago. If you like crazy pulp adventure with Nazis, talking Gorillas, rocket-powered Zeppelins and a side of true love, try my latest Doc Vandal Adventure — The Sunkiller Affair. Li Ming. Kehla Ponchartrain: Raised to be the host body for an alien intelligence, she carries a revolver chambered for gauge slugs in her purse. If you want your science fiction with more kissing and your romance innnn spaaaace!

I have self-published five other picture books for kids from ages 3 to In a sultry magical realm, an enchanting Lady ensnares a virtuous tax-collector into her dangerous double life. Taxing Courtship is a story of forbidden romance, where an honorable man has to decide how far he will go for the woman he loves…. People flocked to the game in anticipation. For video game design majors Ryan Johnson and Noah Bowden, the game play was incredible.

But then fatal accidents began happening to the gamers at the top of the leaderboard, including many at which men in black were seen. We all have that one teen girl we know who loves anime. If you have no idea about that stuff then my novel The Unseen World is probably what you need to buy her for Christmas. Sanami is teenage girl living in a tiny village in a remote province of the Tensho Empire. Sanami is content with her quiet life and with her upcoming marriage to her childhood sweetheart. While there she meets the onmyouji, servants and advisors to His Majesty.

Part sorcerer, part medium, part fortune teller, the Sasugawa onmyouji clan is one of the most powerful and feared families in the empire. She agrees to stay in the capitol for one year while the onmyouji try to figure out why she is what she is, and what role she is meant to play. Over the course of this year Sanami is introduced to a world of spirits and magic that she never dreamed existed. But when she discovers the purpose for which the gods have chosen her, she wonders if she will ever be strong enough to fulfill her destiny. The year is For the people of Rubicon, Mars is Home — hostile and unforgiving — but still Home.

Jax and Dana, Ridley and Chuck, Lenny and Maliyah all stand on opposite sides of a class divide, battling passions and tensions in equal measure. But can they work together to avert a disaster? Could the fundamental differences between them be the key to their survival, or to their destruction? To make matters worse, unsettling events on Earth put the entire Mars Mission at risk and Rubicon — with little choice left — declares its independence. The news of this is not welcomed by powerful politicians that devise dubious plans to shelve the settlement, once and for all.

Mistakes are made, allegiances shift and lives hang in the balance. No one can be trusted as allies become enemies and the true nature of life on Mars is revealed — One wrong move, and it could be your last. From Dec. Scarlet Raven With most of her past still a mystery and the man who tried to kill her dead, Scarlett thought she could live a normal life.

She was wrong. But when the plasma blasts start flying, she may just find that the harsh truth of the future could cost her everything. New from my micropress, Queen of Swords and thanks, John! Scourge of the Seas of Time and Space edited by Catherine Lundoff Think pirates are all about the rum and the pieces of eight? Let these fifteen tales draw you into the adventures of a new kind of pirate. Sail with them as they seek treasure, redemption, love, revenge and more.

Raise the Jolly Roger and sharpen your cutlass or recharge your raygun and climb aboard for some unforgettable voyages. Six months after the death of his mentor, Cole Traske is returning to work as the new leader of his former interplanetary shadow-ops squad, Penumbra. As they head towards their first target, Cole must balance the responsibility of leadership, the squabbling of his pilot and demolitions man, and the inexperience of their young new sniper. Unfortunately for Cole, his hopes for an uneventful return to work are shattered by a chance encounter with a spectre from his past, Tobias Navarr.

Robinson excels at creating an immersive off-world experience while inducing a laugh at spinning action tropes inversely. Klein, author of The Punch Escrow. Miss Firefly? Blasters and aliens, sarcasm and swearing. Digital and dead-tree versions are available across planet Earth. Writing is on website.

Braille Library & Transcribing Services, Inc.

Or is she? A job gone horribly wrong makes her doubt everything she thought she knew, including her own identity. I am honored to have my tale in this award winning magazine. So many great stories have found a home here over the years, and the authors of those tales include some of the legends of science fiction.

Theia grew up just across a canal way from Eoin. But this time, as she rises, something will go amiss in the world below and she will return to find it changed forever. Learn more about Stone-Cold Heart here! What can you expect when you live next door to the Mother of all Monsters? Is there someone on your list who likes gritty sci-fi? Get caught up on his series before book three arrives in the late spring or early summer. Quirky, light science fiction always made me happy, so I gave it a try… Hopefully you enjoy it too! My indie gem is TimeBangers , a light science fiction series with 5 stars on Amazon, about two friends who time travel to have sex with famous historical figures.

Available in both trade paperback and for Amazon Kindle. Be aware: this book does have sexually explicit content. I suggest checking the reviews to get a sense of whether this is a good fit for your recipient. Ten years after abandoning their wild sorority life for unfulfilling attempts at adulthood, history buff Beth and science whiz Tawny reunite to jumpstart their flagging love lives—by embarking on a time-traveling sex spree!

But when she and Beth are accused of espionage and witchcraft, their pleasure cruise becomes a storm of danger, intrigue, and way too much spiced wine. Will our heroines bask in kingly kisses and royal romps… or be burned at the stake? All the while invisible fingers pull the living, the dead and the banished towards the festivities. Like rogues? Like webcomics? Like discovering new fantasy and science fiction webcomics by talented independent creators?

I have your book. Featuring 16 short standalone comics, this anthology includes everything from elvish thieves to space pirates, outlaw mages to cyberpunk con men, demon pickpockets to trickster snakes! My story features the story of a teen gangster and his horrible, no good, incredibly embarrassing rogue grandmother. Pick it up from the SpiderForest Gumroad store and give the gift of mischief to your favorite comics fan.

Villains want to take over the world, and heroes want to stop them. Wildside, Inc, are superhuman mercenaries, powers for hire. A missing persons case leads to vanishing scientists and a scheme that could effect two worlds. Wildside: Cadre Clash, book one of the Wildside, Inc series. The local aliens, 49ers, blame the humans for a ghost. And they hide a deadly secret. A secret they will kill to protect. Hope must make a desperate last stand against the aliens and the ghosts—if she fails, her friends will die.

A science fiction novel of deep space thrills and adventures. I was a suburban kid Chicago area , but after college, with a degree in art, I moved to rural Missouri to begin life as a rancher. Forty years later I wrote this book, which is an accounting of those years. It is written as fiction.

The setting is in rural Oklahoma, rather than Missouri, because I love that part of the country. It is told from the point of view of a young man, and his experiences living in the country, working cattle, riding horses, as well as his junior and senior years of high school. The story revolves around his best friend Colt, his sweetie Regina, their mutual friends and some who are something other than friends , and life as they know it.

It is written with dry humor and reality—the events related life on a cattle ranch are true and accurate. I almost hate to mention this, but it is written as a series of fourteen line poems. Though in poetic form, it is meant to be read as a novel, from beginning to end. Me and Colt grew up in the country pretty far outside of town. We never spent much time with the other kids.

We never gave it much notice one way or the other.

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I expect we were the luckiest two boys in the world though I reckon other boys say the same thing. So yes, clutch your pearls folks, there is sex. There is also murder. Gender politics. Class warfare. Fancy ass tech. Creepy ass robotic geisha. Even creepier children. Industrial espionage. And the occasional trip to the patisserie.

Do the dead dream? Not quite right. These are but a few of the surreal, the weird, and the peculiar you will encounter in a realm few willingly tread…with or without the lights on. Or medication. Buy Do The Dead Dream? Dorchak writes like a hot-rodder heading toward a brick wall. Edge of your seat entertainment! In , the world is a little denser, a little greyer, and a little more firmly under the corporate thumb. Wriggling carefully under that thumb, in their dimly lit flats, Katja and her friends have tended to walk the fine line between cyber criminals and cyber crusaders.

For them, no physical reality compares to their lives built on lines of aggressive code. But then somebody blows up the office where Katja is pretending to be a well-behaved wage slave and jolts them into the concrete and clouds of corporeal Seattle. Of brains infiltrated by a clandestine threat. Can a handful of digital warriors win a war that stretches into the world on the flesh and blood side of their computer screens?

Get Peace Fire from Amazon or your preferred bookseller. The War Chronicles, Warrior, Warlock, and Warlord, is an epic fantasy set in a world with unique magic, gods at war with one another, world-spanning conflict and the most fearsome dragons since Smaug himself. Here is the description of the first book, Warrior: Demon-spawn, they call him; evil seed of the UnNamed One.

Lirak wonders if they might be right.

Short Stories For Kids - English Story Collection - 10 Short Stories For Children

Sent on a holy quest to test his prophetic dreams, he returns to find his people scattered or slaughtered. Ruthless invaders and their dread warlocks spread death and destruction across the land. Before he can lead the remnants of his people in vengeance, he must win their trust.

But blades and arrows alone will not defeat this enemy. His only hope is to master warlock sorcery, turning their own fell powers against them. Can he learn their arcane secrets in time, or will the deadly power consume him? Only the Seven Gods could know, but they war amongst themselves, Lirak is a pawn in their divine conflict.

Even if he defeats the invaders, he fears his trials are just beginning. Follow Lirak as he grows from a stone-age hunter into a warrior. In the second book he learns to master his warlock powers, and in the final book of the trilogy he leads massive armies into a battle to save not just his world, but all worlds.

Warrior Warlock Warlord Author Page. Hi all Fantasy lovers.

The Tournament Knight (World of the Demonsouled Short Story)

Jenny, the fairy, knows how to play and have fun. Thankfully, Curiosity is the Fairy of Invention. Just in time for my annual year-end sale: An invisible killer, a dead man walking, and a lost tribe deep in the Amazon. From the ashes of tragedy emerges a mysterious avenger! Completely hand-drawn, Sketchy Setups guides are the friendly and straightforward path to getting your guitar or bass playing its best.

No need to wade through massive books, trying to find the relevant parts for your guitar. No searching for the pearls among millions of forum posts. Perfect if you want a great playing instrument without having to take a degree in Advanced Guitary Stuff. I write things down. My books range from lighthearted adventure novels in the vein of the Uncharted games to dark, bloody thrillers set in the ruins of the modern world. Both make me equally happy. The characters in my books are normal people. That is: They come in a range ethnicities, genders, and sexualities, and I do my best to represent them all as fully developed humans.

They also have a tendency to be grappling with psychological issues, complex relationships, and dark backgrounds. You can find all of my novels in print and Kindle on Amazon. An ambitious anthology from award-winning Australian publishing house Twelfth Planet Press, Mother of Invention features diverse, challenging stories about gender as it relates to the creation of artificial intelligence and robotics. From Pygmalion and Galatea to Frankenstein, Ex Machina and Person of Interest, the fictional landscape so often frames cisgender men as the creators of artificial life, leading to the same kinds of stories being told over and over.

We want to bring some genuine revolution to the way that artificial intelligence stories are told, and how they intersect with gender identity, parenthood, sexuality, war, and the future of our species. How can we interrogate the gendered assumptions around the making of robots compared with the making of babies?

Can computers learn to speak in a code beyond the gender binary? If necessity is the mother of invention, what exciting AI might come to exist in the hands of a more diverse range of innovators? Evil has followed me to Earth. I shall Protect this World until my Dying Breath. Plagued by anti-Human sentiment on New Atlantis and unwilling to return to Earth, Samantha moves to the Five Alpha, the space station closest to the wormhole, where Human—and People—stupidity lurks around every corner.

Then the conflict worsens, causing concern for the security of the wormhole—and its closest neighbor. Naturally, politicians from both sides decide they can provide a diplomatic solution by holding peace talks on the station. When things take a turn for the worse, can Puff face his fears and help avert disaster? Perfect for fans of Narnia by C. Investing is a big part of that, but not many people know how to do it. Specifically for Canadians, The Value of Simple will show you or your loved ones how to create a simple investing plan using index funds, and then actually implement it.

Everything is specific for the Canadian market, so unfortunately Americans may not find it of much use. The first time Ty died he was five, the second time he was seven. Greece, More than twenty years after his near-death experiences and the visions of terrifying gods that came with them, Ty leads a quiet life working as a locksmith. When a client persuades him to play in an ancient game of throwing bones his peaceful existence is shattered and Ty quickly finds himself deeply in debt, his life hanging in the balance once more.

Forced to descend to the eerie mid-world of Erebus to repay his debt, his fate is soon entwined with sleeping gods, the factions that seek to control them, and an enemy powerful enough to destroy them all. A dark fantasy thriller with surprising plot twists, While Gods Sleep, is the first in a set of stand-alone, mythology-based novels by award-winning author, L. Get ready to dive head-first into a s Greece where conjoined queens rule a nation perched above an underworld filled with demi-gods and monsters, and a mortal man holds the key to the fate of the gods.

She prefers leaving the footwork to lesser PI minds. Think through the possibilities, pick the likeliest one, use e-skills to fill in the details, case closed. She was doing so well at it, she thought she could predict any human behavior. Was he killed? Did he run? Charlie Handler is hired to find out. Chessmaster logic always helped her think through every step she took, but now it leaves her stranded at every turn by curious human behavior. How far down the rabbit hole will Charlie go? Adrastea, a simple country healer, is surprised to receive a marriage proposal from the Dark God Mor-Lath.

As a devotee of a rival god, of course she turns him down. She was raised on chilling tales of this Chthonic being who drags the souls of the unrepentant to Dom-al-gol. Adrastea loves her simple country life of brewing medicines and saving lives. Marriage to Mor-Lath would greatly complicate things. Besides, why would the Dark God propose to her? Undaunted by her refusal, Mor-Lath insists on courting her.

Sometimes he is charming, winning over the other villagers, but other times, she sees him for the dark god he truly is. He refuses to let anyone stand in his way. She wonders, what is he really after? But if she rejects it, the world itself and everything in it might be at stake. Either way, the price is too high. First book in the Of The Dark series. Read an Amazon preview here. Search for: Close. Now: Tell us about your book! Me too. The exact opposite? Meet the Steerswomen. Dawn Takahashai knows all about superheroes. In case of the apocalypse you can even use it to pasteurize zombie meat.

Thanks for providing this opportunity, John! Grab your copy here! What if you really were the centre of the universe? Fun action-adventure military sci-fi, not too dark or heavy. Thanks John! Now at Amazon, paperback and ebook:. How are these two supposed to get along when neither is what the other wants? Are you a Greek mythology geek? Are you a poetry nerd? Are you, perhaps, BOTH? The double entendres are free! Control the wormholes, control the galaxy.

Thanks for the opportunity, John! Military superheroes! The tradition of service runs deep. For the Tsukuda men, it comes with telekinesis. Throw in corruption, hidden agendas, planet-sized secrets, and space battles… Your only hope for survival is to know who your friends are… and keep them close. But sometimes the past wants to be left alone.

This is what I get for commenting before my coffee…. Thanks so much for this opportunity—I get so many great gift ideas from these posts! Thank you for this opportunity, John. Bitten by a werewolf. Taught by a vampire. You can follow a recipe… Now what? Now you make those recipes your own.

Put your own spin on things. The house is pristine and fully furnished—despite standing in an abandoned Detroit neighborhood. Now available on Kindle and in paperback. The Steel Discord is a magitech train heist: Zarachius Skie is presumed dead. They need to know the secret he uncovered on that train. Thanks for the opportunity! Do you like romance, Thanksgiving, or serious fanfiction tropes?

Thank you for doing this every year, John! Thank you, John! She only wants to be happy. Thanks for allowing us indie authors to promote here today, John! And happy holidays to you! Available at :. All my books and short stories are completely free if you have Kindle Unlimited, too.

Two options: 1. Old-fashioned mysteries with a touch of cozy 1. Do you like science fiction? Do you like football? The back-cover blurb: When a quantum energy experiment goes horribly wrong, it accidentally shatters the future allowing alternative pasts to co-exist. Portal fantasy with a healthy dose of Greek mythology! Need some classic Gothic fun? His magic is real. His enemies are horrific. And his exams are a nightmare. Girls, Boys, Robots — Everyone is welcome here! Thanks for this opportunity! We really appreciate it. Thanks for your generosity, sir! First book in bestselling steampunk series is free … London,