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I can definitely see your point, I tend to lean on the skeptical side as well. The emotional charge that Tony creates, whether it is achieved ethically or not, is undeniable, as long as those he helps believe in the transformation. It is the same way a charismatic preacher would rally up his church goers, who have an unshakable faith in the higher power. Arguably, if the results are real and people felt a real change down to their bones, then it may well be worth it.

In a way, that emotional charge, that hyped up commitment to self-healing and transformation is all that matters. Therapy is just another way to address issues human beings experience in life, and it can also cost a lot of money for ongoing sessions.

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Bottom line is….. Her article is like me writing an article on Cuba, without ever having been there, based on watching a documentary on Discovery…. The problem so many people will have is Tony removes the victim role mentality from the snowflake generation. They will go back to their bottle of prozac and miserable lives and think Tony is a con man. I just did it, with that my self esteem and self worth rose tremendously. But sure, picking him apart and demonize him and continue in your alcoholic stupor, I am sure you will be famous someday. I agree with you point, James.

People spend to much time and energy criticizing others to make themselves feel better, while loosing on the game. Objectively, there are certain practices in the personal development world that people like TR engage in, which are questionable or manipulative, but that is beyond the point. It was interesting to see Mia point out Tony always came back to his story and that it is narcissism at play. I had to look the Mia up and the first video was a Ted Talks where she focuses on herself and her biggest mistake, surprisingly but not , she was drunk passed out and raped in a park at 16 years old.

She goes on to talk about many other assaults. This is a terrible thing, but one of those things of which she obviously takes no responsibility, kinda like walking into gangland Chicago and wondering why you were shot. So everyone read an article by a woman who takes no responsibility for actions that have created a narcissistic platform for her to heavily discount a man who clearly cares. Get Real Mia…. I watched the video on Netflix and liked it quite a lot.

Reflecting on it and reading your feedback I tend to realize that there are indeed many disturbing aspects in it one of the biggest being Robbins hugging the girl that escaped the horrible church cult. To me, you are right in almost everything you state. Great work from you! Kind regards from Berlin, Matthias.

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Either way, the point of these seminars is to get you out of your comfort zone and teach you strategies to overcome your worst fears. I can see why you reacted negatively to this part in the documentary. Just my two cents! In the long term it actually made things worse for me as we get tired of repeatedly and consistently failing. You feel revved up for a few days or weeks, then comes the inevitable crash. I have spoken to mental health professionals and they all say the same: that they have to pick up the pieces after Robbins has left town.

Keep your money and sanity. As a result I spent the rest of the seminar being laughed at and disrespected by men attending the course thanks to Robbins and his sexual harassment. Oh God, I was not prepared. So I try everything is suggested to me. When the rape story came up, I lost it. I went full PTSD panic attack. Talking about your rape story, in public, in such a vulnerable way can push someone to suicide.

They destroy them. This is what happens when people place their cash and their faith in someone with no formal education or training in psychiatry. Most of the folks who go to these events would be better served with an actual counselor who operates under an ethical framework. Robbins clearly does not operate under any sort of ethical framework. Lord help you. So what is your point? When you want to debate like an adult and converse in something other than an uneducated word salad let us know.

Also, how about you go die in a fire? Save us all the time spent having to read your incoherent babble. I disagree. He just does not subscribe to the idea that the feelings around pain and trauma have to endlessly dictate your life. Everyone has the power to overcome destructive feelings.. That just holds you back. Maybe you secretly wish all your problems went away and resent people that actually do something about it? I recently broke up with a woman who is a big time follower of TR.

I always said no. I can see through this guy as if he were made of glass. She loved his infodoc its not even close to a documentary. I hated it and it stands for everything that is wrong with this guy. She is extremely wealthy which is mostly why I did not like dating her. The income disparity almost every time we spoke on the phone she somehow had to bring up money in some way shape or form and it got boring. With her, everything has to be high class and expensive. I prefer to be low key. I am upper middle class. The constant bugging about attending a seminar and the constant money money money focus was what finally drove me over the edge.

I knew I had to get away from her. I pity her and feel sad for her. Good of you to move on. You outlined how you were not compatible with her and she is paying to save herself. What harm would have come to you going to one event with her? Ask yourself honestly. I am curious as to your response. Here are my reasons why: 1. If I had psychiatric or emotional issues I would go to a licensed therapist 2. My portfolio is doing just fine see 2 for why and is growing and I have some great resources and peers.

Because TR is wealthy only because so many people do not know how to build wealth and or are lost and directionless, therefore he is wealthy because of this. He has no certifications in psychiatry or finance and most finance experts have shown his advice on investing to be completely off the charts wrong 6. If you go to the hospital do you start saying you should not be making money from this if they make you good again?

Seriously, she makes no attempt to find out why peak energy in a room matters. Tony Robbins literally created a new theory of the human mind. You sat in a room with him for 72 hours in a week your numbers, not mine , and he told you enough information to change your life forever, and all you put in your story is about how the positivity made you sick to your stomach. Maybe YOU were the one with the problem? Oh dear. I guess being a writer some research might have been in order. If you have actually looked at his material and results I guess presidents, top sports people, top business people, entrepreneurs, and top performers in every field pay him and not you because they are not as smart as you.

And they got to where they are being dumb and wasting money, of course. Tony has deeply studied success from various viewpoints, including cognitive therapy, fitness, etc. What he basically does is strip out fancy words professionals use to hide behind and focused on what practically brings results and be relatable to ordinary people, non-threatening and USABLE. I speak from using his materials and benefitting. I was googling resources relating to Date with Destiny… Is how I found you. Tony makes it entertaining as part of a deliberate strategy to engage people in all their senses surely you must have at least heard something about different learning styles, however basic, and what works?

Are those learning strategies not obviously used here to help people learn? Soo obvious. Anyway, so much could be said. But those with ears will hear. Those with eyes will see. As for the rest.. I will continue focusing on improving and growing myself with Tony and other wonderful teachers, and leave you to bash the ones doing good work. Anyone can say they are a licensed practitioner. Tony Robbins is a two-bit huckster selling snake oil to the gullible, weak, and vulnerable. I find him to be an offensive and insidious individual.

This article is correct in many ways, but only scratches the surface. You must not have seen the Bonus Material on Netflix!!! The woman and her daughter were obviously targeted by the staff using the forms the everyone had to complete. He was threatening and intimidating. Very sad. People are so desperate for help that they can see through the superficiality of the temporary high. Lots of blaming of the person who is seeking help! I agree what he did to the ex-children of god member was totally sick.

Get help. The woman responded and to this day keeps in touch with her uncles. Honestly invest the money in your life and go to UPW which is the least expensive event he has and play full out. Hell, he said if you want your money back he would give it to you. For the people that there life purpose is to work at Mcdonalds and walmart. I cant judge them, but instead of drinking and sitting on your butt not going anywhere with your life actually get up and go.

And just on case you havent caught on yet, these negative comments discuss me, get a life. Mia Doring this post says more about you my dear and the resentment you hold onto and your troubled past you have had, then Tony Robbins. Be the change! Be apart of the solution. Tony loves everyone.. Maybe you should love yourself more and then you might find forgiveness. This article and one other came up. The author could doubtless strengthen her professional credibility with more fact checking and less armchair quarterbacking.

If he was actually a terrible person, his critics would be able to do much worse than grasp at straws like this.

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I had this feeling that the person in most need of his help is Tony Robbins himself. He seems really hurt… well… that being said… stay away from ppl telling you how to live and how to feel… false prophets. A lot of his techniques are oddly similar, a kind of coercive, hyped-up hysteria. You detect the same in cult leaders, political demagogues.

How does he fool so many? But we could ask the same question of dictators and religious leaders the world over, throughout the centuries. Phony Robbins! When people are looking for answers, they tend to be slightly easier to influence and manipulate. Tony is a salesperson front and centre.. I know two of his coaches personally. The one guy ran a RTM ready to move houses building company. Well the business went into the Gutter. He treat his suppliers staff like shit. Walking into the lumber yard like he was king shit. He was doing good till he could no longer ship houses into the U.

S because of tge exchange rate. So then he got into this coaching with tony Robbins. So now he is a coach telling people how to run their life. Your life now reflects how you have failed so far. He then just dismissed her as though the rape was all in her head or she was insignificant in some way. He, sadly, just puts it to use to line his own pockets. You can be sympathetic, you can be compassionate and sensitive, but unless you have been through some kind of horrific traumatising event, you have NO BUSINESS giving any one advice — you can only give an opinion.

So, love the Great Man if you want. I am a trained psychiatric nurse and I have researched a lot of brain manipulation techniques, and despite my decades earlier interest in the Tony Robbins way of being, and the hot coals walk, I see him as being little more than a manipulative arrogant soulless character of poor ethics and completely lacking in compassion. I do not believe for a moment that he really endured any kind of ongoing abuse — although, if he did, this would explain how he has become manipulative because he comes across as coldly disconnected and completely indifferent to real people.

Thank you. I just put it under my bed, waited for the next time we were having sex.

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You know this picture by the bed is crooked. She was like… [whimpering] Ohhhh! You like that shit? As you go through these levels, fucking just understand what they were, and become better. If you take nothing from this show tonight, take this one piece of information with you.

So many people are on this journey to live a perfect life. Embrace it and become better. We just had a baby. Nine months ago. Kenzo Kash Hart, man. Thank you. Father of three! Father of three now. I felt like I did it. I got the best of both worlds. I got a boy. I got to girl. You got kids. Those are your kids. I want new ones. That two year old age, you need patience to deal with a two-year-old baby. All you do is repeat yourself all goddamn day to a two-year-old child.

You say the same shit over and over again. Hey, hey, come here, look at me. Look at me. What did I say? Come here, look at me, hey, look at me. What did I… no! Come here, look at me. Hey, hey, what did I… look at me. No, come here. Look… Hey, hey. Look at… you want to get, ah! You want to… no! Another thing ladies… Stop making these old ass men have these fucking babies. I was at a park.

I saw a year-old man with a two-year-old baby. It was sad. He was treating the baby like a loose basketball at the playground. Fucking back! Somebody grab that, baby. Throw that baby back. You know, those old head that are stuck in that era? In this era right here? He was cool as shit. He did not know how to work none of the baby shit. So he was trying to get my attention.

Hey, youngblood, let me holler at you real quick, hey. Give me some. Come on now, youngblood. All you do is tap the middle section and the stroller gone collapse. He lost it. Yeah, yeah. Youngblood, can you follow me to my car help me properly strap my baby in the car seat? She was bleeding and everything. Come on now, hello. Ladies, I will say this though. When it comes to having patience, you got it.

I take my hat off to you. You actually deserve all the accolades that come your way when it comes to dealing with a child, ladies. Feeding your kid, bathing your kid, clothing your kid, to school, from school, potty training. But… but… the one thing that you are not, ladies, is fun. I know some women instantly got an attitude. The reason why is because you try to blur the lines, ladies.

You want to do it all. You want to be the fun parent and the disciplinarian. You gotta pick one. As soon as a man walks in the house, you hit him with the bullshit. I just got home. I just walked in the house. She said fuck you up or get fucked up. I choose you. Having fun is a very difficult job.

Kids think fun lasts forever. Long day at work, you get home, you put your key in the door, you open up that door real slow. Scariest shit in the world for a man to see is that baby with all that energy on the other side. Daddy home. I want to play, Daddy. I want to play that game where you try to close your eyelids and I keep opening them back up. Oh, yeah. I make a bet. At least one time.

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You pull in your driveway. When you pull in your driveway, that baby with all that energy runs to the window, opens up the blinds. Oh, yeah! You see the baby in the blinds. The baby sees you. You and the baby are looking at each other. You locked eyes with a goddamn baby. And you back out the driveway. You back out the goddamn driveway. Fuck that baby today. Fuck you, baby. You got to know your patience levels. The older you get, the thinner your patience gets.

My patience is definitely wearing thin. I know it is. You know how I know? I love dogs, you hear me? I love dogs. I got two dogs. I got a big ass Doberman. Love Roxy to death. Then we got a little Min Pin. But my dog, my dog is trained, trained to the max. But I got comfortable. I got comfortable with my dog. When you get comfortable, things change.

True story, I wake up in the morning, I walk in my hallway. My dog went to the bathroom in the hallway. I see it. I got a decision to make. Do I go get my dog, discipline my dog and clear this up right now? Or do I back into bed and deal with it later when I wake up? I chose to get back into bed. The dog went to the bathroom in the hallway.

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You want me to clean it up? Is this the kind of man you want to be? I was about to be, I was about to be that guy until my best friend, Harry, showed up in my house with his two-year-old baby. I call his baby a great baby. Let me tell you what I mean when I say a great baby.

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A great baby is a baby that does adult shit at a baby age. Now, Harry showing up at my house with his baby unannounced was a bitch move. That was a bitch move. But my wife fell for it. Oh, my God. Leave the baby with me and Kev. I have no control over my household. They get in the car, they drive off. She turns around, taps me on the leg twice.

I move out the way. The great baby walks in the kitchen. I tell my wife the great baby might be hungry. The plate made a noise when it hit the countertop. The great baby tapped the countertop and looked at me. Is it granite? Yes, great baby. That is a granite countertop. I go in the living room, I finish watching TV. Great baby follows me, get on the couch, starts watching TV with me.

Regular babies turn on their stomach and slide down until their feet hit something. The baby sat up at the edge and jumped. She landed, put both hands in the air. Is it a ten? You stuck the shit out of that landing! She can take care of herself. Great baby is now walking all over the house. Once again, this is a true story.

Ten minutes go by. I smell shit. I smell it. I discipline my dog.

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I go back to clean it up. I look at it. I look at the great baby. The great baby got on a white Pamper. I go wake my wife up. Wake up. Wake up! Did you shit on that floor before you laid on this goddamn couch? Me and the great baby lock eyes. You came in the house, you wanted something to eat. I made you a sandwich. We watched TV. You jumped off the couch. I gave you a ten. For you to shit on my floor is disrespectful. Did you shit on my floor? Shut up! I put my fingers in the back of the Pamper.

I pull the Pamper out. Now, I question myself. Did… Did I shit on the floor? I would know if I shitted on the floor. I apologize to the great baby. Look at my security cameras. I go look at the cameras. Whoever shit on my floor was a mastermind. This was a planned attack.

I say that because they shitted in the one blind spot that I have in my house. So I had to take one for the team. I go get the cleaning materials. I come back, I clean it up. It took me 45 minutes to get this up out of the carpet. Harry comes back to get the great baby. You all enjoy the baby? We love that baby. Can we talk? Away from everybody, please? I just want to tell you that I snapped on the great baby. She did that. I forgot to tell you that when I dropped her off.

Go lay down, go lay down. It took me 45 minutes to get it out of the carpet. Let me handle it. She got me good. The reason why… is because my house got robbed. She does, however, think Kate and Toby need to communicate better. Chrissy's reasoning behind that particularly polarizing scene echoes much of what Kate tells the college kid when she's trying to get them back in the episode. While the This Is Us audience and Chrissy might interpret Kate's actions differently, the actress still welcomes any and all fan feedback. She tries her very best to keep up with This Is Us Twitter, Reddit, and more when she's not busy shooting.

The same is true for fans she meets on the fly — like the time someone chased her up a mall escalator while she was shopping with her friend:. Besides scrolling through tweets or taking selfies with fans in public, Chrissy also appreciates all the wonderfully odd and sometimes spot-on fan theories the internet has to offer — even the ones that suggest doom in Kate's future. After seeing Toby without a wedding ring in a flash-forward from season 3's opening episode, she totally gets where the conclusion comes from. Maybe Kate is just in the kitchen. It could be anything, anything at all.

We don't know what the missing wedding ring is all about just yet, but we do know that Kate's baby is here, and appears to be doing fine for the time being. But, in true This Is Us fashion, Chrissy said something "devastating" is going to happen to Kate down the road. She echoed this sentiment to us, hinting that Toby might soon have to endure some dark days — be it his depression, their marital issues, or something else.

Of course, Chrissy is stern about not giving away too many details "you don't want to open up your present before Christmas" as she says. Nevertheless, she hopes that season 4 will show a new side of Kate and Toby that the audience hasn't been exposed to yet. The ominous undertone of her comment can't be ignored, but neither can the much-more uplifting fact that Chrissy wishes to see more of Kate outside of her marriage with Toby. Think less wife Kate and more aunt Kate. That would be a really cool relationship to see, really blossom.