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Charles F Stamper.

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Coins and Money. March of Dimes. Seven Thin Dimes. Dimes Times Dimes. Dime's Worth of Dog's Meat. When the Dimes Drop. Akasha Reeder Michell'a Prince. Monica L Morrissey.

Victor Scott Adcock. Dimes Official Whitman Coin Folder. Deathbed Dimes. Coin Folders Dimes Roosevelt, Whitman Coin Book and Supplies.

Wooden nickel

Two Thin Dimes A Novel. Bill Fivaz J T Stanton. Dimes All About Money. Nickels and Dimes. Toya Raylonn Vickers. Roosevelt Dimes Collection Starting Number 3. Whitman Publishing. Larry Middlebrooks Sr. Pennies Nickels Quarters and Dimes. Hope you too have a wonderful week! Had never heard the term "Yankee Dime" but I sure do like it. Special time with the quads and many memories made. Enjoy your few days at the ranch. Post a Comment. Harrison was the first of the four to lose a tooth and Logan was second.

She actually had TWO loose teeth - one center top and one center bottom. That bottom one was hanging by a thread! There was much excitement in Quadville last night when it came out and a lot of celebrating over the Tooth Fairy's visit this morning. The Tooth Fairy business is much bigger than it was when my children were little. All the others go for a buck!

Trystan was the first one to wake up Saturday and she crept down the stairs and opened the door to the guest room at That's a decent time and she and I chatted in bed for a half hour before I was ready to get up. She suggested we have a 'coffee party' so that's exactly what we did.

I Took A Wooden Nickel

She gets a few spoons of coffee and a lot of milk. I need to take a creamer and a few small scale coffee cups and leave them stored in the guest room for just such occasions as this. We were at the kitchen table talking about hands.

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I forgot how we got on that but I showed them my hands and said I have big ones for a lady. When I asked Granddad to show them his, he said he charged for that! Harrison offered him a penny and Kailey said she would give him a nickel. Louis Dean said, "Tell you what I'll take a Yankee dime!

The kids got a big kick out of that! The kit I had included a needle threader and all four took turns threading.

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The stitches may not be even but this was stitched with love! It was about noon when we gathered our things up and headed for home. We stopped at Lowes to get some rose bushes and mulch. I always buy red mulch and so we did again.

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However, this was a different color of red than what we bought at Home Depot. No matter I think I actually like this one better! The neighbor house behind ours has a now HUGE cottonwood tree. It has been snowing cotton like never before! Look at all that white stuff on top of the new mulch we had spread just a few days ago! Cottonwood trees are fast growing - this one is now the tallest tree in our neighborhood - but it only lives about 50 years.

The cotton will continue to fall for two weeks. I discovered that when you water the mulch down, the cotton dissolves! I was going to take a pic of the cotton and had accidentally flipped the camera view. I was standing in front of the wreath on the door and it looked like I was wearing a fancy hat! Now, this is NOT what I actually looked like! It was a Saturday afternoon and I was wearing my grungy clothes and was not looking pretty. While Louis Dean kept working outside,. I went inside where I am going room by room doing some housecleaning.

We had to replace our sound bar for the TV and that meant moving all the debris from around where you see the clock. That made it a perfect time to do some real cleaning and changing things up. This morning Louis Dean and I went to church. I love going to the same church Amber, Mike and the kids go to! We stopped by the Car Wash on Beltline on our way home. I used to have a van and kept it clean and decorated! Now I have a little Ford Fusion and it gets washed once in a blue moon!

We went back to work when we got home. Louis Dean pulled his truck up on the grass and gave it a good washing! I came in and cleaned the living room, foyer and kitchen. The number of clean rooms in our house is growing!!

Friday, December 29, 2006

I have loved 'clean' for as long as I can remember and enjoy the process of making it so. Now an update on my friend, Jessica. She is out of ICU but remains in the hospital for a few more days. Prayers are gifts we can give for others and she is grateful for every single one of them. Most of what I see on my Facebook feed is of family and friends and how and what they are doing. I also enjoy lots of humorous posts and occasionally I see some for prayer request that truly touch my heart.

I remember all the prayers prayed for Amber while she was in the hospital trying her best to hold on to the quadruplets until they would be able to survive. Then more prayers during their infancy and then again when Kailey had open heart surgery. I have a responsibility to pray for others as others have prayed for us. This is McKenna My niece and her husband had a freak accident last night.

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Their daughter McKenna was hit in the head by a stray softball at a softball game. Waverly had her air lifted to Mayo. She has a fractured skull and 2 blood clots in her brain that are causing her to have seizures. We need many, many prayers! Morning Rounds Update: McKenna has been seizure free for 48 hours! Praise God! That's our girl! The doctors will start lowering the Versed a little every hour, and then at night they back it off to every 2 hours. Versed is the seizure med that she was maxed out on. McKenna has experienced quite a bit of fluid positivity.