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Shinwah is an assassin from the future, tasked with hunting down anachronisms — future technology — in our present. An apparent accident, the destruction of a previously unknown satellite, brings each of these characters into conflict with shadowy forces. Louis Armand as the Swiftian prophet of the Virtual Age? Dark, frightening, hilarious and utterly gripping. Raw and ruthless, yet richly detailed and human, Armand takes a circular saw to the dusty corpse of western narcissism and the dread afflictions that torment and beguile the contemporary psyche.

Armand is a formidable, first-class writer. But imagine the hallucinatory opening of The Mystery of Edwin Drood punctuating a whole book; imagine the fog and smoke darkening the beginning of Bleak House , the dust penetrating Our Mutual Friend darkening our whole planet.

The News Clown

All this comes to you, no at you, in a complex style that blends staccato phrases, short sentences, deadpan observation of amazing phenomena with apt quotations from philosophy, and with an instructive but never bothersome range of technical information. A gripping, lively, intelligent novel both rooted in tradition and absolutely current. And hip: why give up style when all the lights might go out? Jonathon Swift on a crack binge channeling James Ellroy on a transnational time-warping blitz through the contemporary hallucination and these strangest of end days.

It warps the boundaries of genre, time, identity and place. You hit the ground running and hold on till the end with this novel. A novel of ruins. The name of a place. A return to zero, the apex of all possible futures.

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Cairo: a perfect encapsulation of what it means also to be living in the end times. Carruthers, author of The Tulip Beds. You are commenting using your WordPress. He had kept the earrings, but got rid of the contact lenses. He wore glasses everywhere now. The latest thing was Joyce had converted him to Christianity. They went several times per week to a church where the priests and other high honchos were nearly all homosexuals and lesbians.

They held barbecues and ping-pong nights. Church of the New Christ Savior Risen, it was called. Jesus offers the way out, bro. Jesus just shows. I apologize to you, and I forgive you. I forgive you, too, pal.

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Or do you? He came forward and we had a hug. This whole place is gonna go up in flames, man. Joyce seemed very bothered by the worms in the apartment, she recommended that I move out and that the city health authorities be called in. She offered to call them herself.

She claimed to be worried about my health.

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When we were done, I offered to take them out for a drink and a hot dog. I climbed into a crawl space in the back of the van, and Joyce drove us the mile or so to The Hacienda. I ordered a pitcher of beer and three shots of tequila, despite their protestations. They insisted that they would not and could not drink, under any circumstances — and they did not. Joyce had a green tea. I drank their shots and the beer pitcher. I went out for a smoke, came back and ordered another pitcher and two more tequila shots. We sat there. Continue until victory. I slugged a tequila, gulped beer.

Bottoms up, baby. She looked at me, shook her head. She sipped tea, smiled sadly. Except in France , where they called it the Italian disease. She looked off. Jerry came back. Joyce stood up. She had started crying. You should go to a meeting, Thor. I licked the bottom of the tequila glass.

I sat there and downed the last of the beer from the pitcher. Help spread the word by sharing this post through your blog, tumblr page, twitter and facebook accounts. Every link counts! And be sure to check back with us next month for the next installment

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