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Only patience. Meanwhile, the Queen of Thorns rebukes Cersei, telling her that the only silver lining in all of this is watching the Lannister woman suffer. Here we learn that Yara prefers women to men, and isn't above mocking her brother for his own ability to lay with a woman. To be fair, she isn't simply cruel.

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She backs off when she remembers just how enormously screwed up Theon really is. At the same time, she isn't soft on him. If not, then she needs him to be a man and help her, she tells him. Their uncle, Euron, won't relent.

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He'll hunt them down and kill them since they represent a clear and present danger to his claim to power. Yara wants to take back the Iron Islands, and whether she's right or not, she thinks she needs her brother to do it. Either that, or she really does care for him, no matter how much she also despises and resents him for what he's become. Jon and Sansa, and Davos Seaworth, are doing their best to rally the north to their side in order to free the realm from the Boltons and prepare it for the true enemy: The dead.

I have to admit, I loved the young Lady Mormont. The girl is every bit as tough and no-nonsense as Sansa should have been years ago. Ultimately it's Davos who convinces the young lady to hitch her wagon to the Starks, and even then all they get is 62 men. This isn't enough men for Sansa, though Jon is less perturbed. Jon believes simply that they need to do what must be done; Sansa is a bit less confident in their chances, and rightfully so.

The letter she writes, sealed with the wolf of House Stark, can only be directed to Littlefinger, asking him for his military support. After all, if Stannis couldn't beat the Boltons in a fair fight, who's to say that a rag-tag army of beat-up Starks could. All told, not quite as exciting or action-packed, or revelatory as last week's episode, but still quite good.

It's also nerve-wracking and terrible to see Arya under the bridge, bleeding from multiple stab wounds, though I have little doubt that she'll survive. Hopefully Jon starts showing the tiniest bit of self-confidence, also. You'd think that after dying and being reborn you might have something to show for it, but Jon seems almost meek.

The Broken Man

Perhaps the showrunners want to simply contrast him with Sansa, whose newfound verve is quite appealing. That's silly, of course. It would be far more interesting to see both Jon and Sansa passionate. Jon because he's seen the army of the dead and the White Walkers firsthand; Sansa because she's faced her own demons, and wants to take back her home from them.

So much here still feels like set-up. The board is being laid out before us, but nothing of huge consequence is taking placeyet. Skipping Dany for a week was also a nice change of pace.

There's only so much breaking of chains and riding of dragons someone can do before singing off friends' eyebrows by mistake. A legend, thought to be dead, becomes their unexpected ally. Visit thebrokenmanmovie.

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To make a tax-deductible donation to the film, click below, or email TBM newmexicospotlightfoundation. However, she is subsequently attacked and repeatedly stabbed in the abdomen by the Waif , in the guise of an elderly woman. Arya pushes the Waif away and escapes by jumping off a bridge and swimming away underwater. After surfacing, she is then left stumbling through the streets, critically wounded. Jaime and Bronn lead the Lannister army to Riverrun, where Lothar Frey and Walder Rivers attempt to coerce the Blackfish into surrendering the castle by threatening to hang Edmure.

The Blackfish calls their bluff and refuses to surrender, and the Freys take Edmure down from the gallows. Disgusted with the Freys' incompetence, Jaime takes charge of the siege, orders Edmure to be bathed and fed, and attempts to parley with the Blackfish, warning him that the Lannisters will show no mercy to the Tullys if they do not surrender the castle.

The Blackfish is unintimidated and dares Jaime to try and seize the castle, declaring that the Tullys have enough provisions stockpiled to outlast a Lannister siege. Sandor Clegane , otherwise known as the Hound, is revealed to have survived his wounds, and is now living among a small band of villagers. Their leader, a warrior turned septon named Ray, talks with Sandor, and recounts how he found Sandor on the verge of death and nursed him back to health.

Sandor still feels guilt over his past sins, feeling he has not been punished for them. During a sermon, a trio of men from the Brotherhood without Banners arrives and attempts to extort the villagers, but leave upon finding out that they have no worthwhile possessions. Sandor warns Ray that the Brotherhood will return, but Ray refuses to prepare for a confrontation with them. After Sandor goes out to the forest to gather some wood, he returns to find the villagers slaughtered and Ray hanged.

Enraged, Sandor picks up an axe and marches off. So the title of the episode is a nod to that speech. It was really well written. Weiss spoke about some of the thought process behind the motivations of the characters that were featured prominently in the episode.

David Benioff began by speaking about Sandor "the Hound" Clegane, saying "I think suffering a near death experience probably changes anyone, and that certainly has changed Sandor Clegane. He's a more thoughtful person than he was when we last saw him, he's probably more aware of his vulnerabilities, he knows how close he came to dying, and he's really thinking about his past in a way that he never had before.

Something sad about the fact that this person who tried desperately to walk away from what he was is being given no real choice but to go full throttle back in the direction of what he really is, which is a killer. Weiss additionally spoke about the introduction of Lyanna Mormont in the series, with Weiss saying, "We were excited about the prospect of the character because she's mentioned in passing in the previous season," referring to her letter to Stannis denying him men, and swearing fealty to House Stark.

Weiss added, "The more we thought about it, Jon is going to come up against so many old guys with beards in the North that like 'What if she was a tougher audience? There's not a lot of room for sort of soft, and gentle psychology. I think it's the kind of tough love Theon needed at this point, and when he finally raises his eyes, and looks into her eyes, we see a glimpse of the old Theon that had been lost for so long.

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The episode is only the fourth in the series with a cold open. Bryan Cogman stated that they felt it was necessary to utilize a pre-credits sequence due to the reintroduction of Rory McCann, saying "We figured it would make his reveal more impactful if the audience hadn't seen [McCann's] name in the opening credits first. The episode featured the return of several characters from previous seasons, as well as the introduction of new characters, who were either mentioned previously within the show, or had some connection to an established character.

Rory McCann, who portrayed Sandor "the Hound" Clegane from the beginning of the series through the fourth-season finale episode " The Children ", returned as a series regular. McCann had previously speculated about the return of the Hound, saying in an interview with Access Hollywood in , "There's always hope. Another re-introduction involved the storyline surrounding the Siege of Riverrun, with actor Clive Russell returning to the show as Brynden "the Blackfish" Tully, who last appeared in the third-season episode " The Rains of Castamere ", in which the Red Wedding took place, and the Blackfish successfully evaded.

In an interview with IGN , Clive Russell stated he was hopeful to return to the role saying "I'd hoped that he'd come back because he comes back in the books again. But they're not doing the books -- there is no book to do it from. I'd hoped that would happen. I don't think I was surprised it would happen because they bring back all kinds of people at all kinds of times. But it was good to go back there, I must say. His casting for the series was announced in August It's the most popular TV show in the world, isn't it? I enjoyed meeting showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss — nobody ever expects the kind of reaction this has gotten.

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It's kind of like Deadwood when we started off, but they've managed to go another three seasons. It's interesting because you're a part of the show, but you're not part of the show. I only needed Rory for my scenes, so I didn't meet anybody else in it. Jerome Flynn, who portrays Bronn in the series, made his first appearance in the season, last appearing in the season five finale episode " Mother's Mercy ".

Mylod previously directed the fifth season episodes " High Sparrow " and " Sons of the Harpy ". Filming of the Riverrun sequence began in October , and led to some complaints by locals living in the area following the construction of a portion of the Tully castle.