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Author's Books. Hell Gate Linda A. Fairstein Head of the Sex Crimes Unit of the district attorney's office in The Kills Linda A. Fairstein Manhattan sex crimes prosecutor Alexandra Cooper discovers that her current Fairstein While investigating the mysterious death of a wealthy art collector, Deadhouse Linda Fairstein Assistant D. Terminal City Linda A. Member Ratings Add yours - Click here. Please Wait I covered parts of the trials in for New York Newsday, and wish that I had been more skeptical and that I had shouted, rather than mumbled, the doubts I did express.

It also mapped the raw edges of the era and captured the textures of New York, a jolting sight. The city has molted and remade itself many times since. The New York psyche — if there is such a thing — no longer dwells in that age of relentless crime. Fear cannot so easily crowd out evidence. The rapid evolution of DNA technology has demonstrated, time and again, how the righteous pursuit of truth can become warped. And the works of filmmakers like Ms. DuVernay, Mr. Burns and Henry Louis Gates Jr. Trump had said. One spring day in , the world awoke to news of a crime so soul-witheringly awful that it shocked even those who knew the New York City of that often ghastly era.

In the middle of the night, Ms. Meili, 28, had been found near death in a wooded ravine off a road used by joggers in Central Park. She had been raped and her skull had been fractured in two places. Most of her blood had seeped into the mud from lacerations in her head. Weeks later, when Ms. Meili was able to communicate, she had no memory of what happened, but the five boys, ages 14 through 16, had already seemingly provided a narrative to detectives.

They had been in the park with a makeshift group of 30 other young people, some of them making trouble — hassling a homeless man for his food, forcing bike riders to run a gauntlet, badly hurting a man at the reservoir — while others watched. Unlike the accurate accounts they gave to police of those events, their confessions to the assault on the jogger were wrong about where, when and how it happened. In the series, the police and prosecutors are portrayed as immediately aware of these discrepancies.

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That is false. Chaos does not get its due. Meili was not identified for nearly a day, and her movements not established until much later.

Central Park 5 members speak on Linda Fairstein recent op-ed piece

The tunnel vision that took over the investigators is rendered solely as amoral ambition, but the reality of error in the Central Park case, as in most everything, is more interesting and nuanced than cartoon villainy. Still, it is a fact that in , there was little interest in the weakness of the confessions. This story — of pitiless teenagers taking turns with a woman, then caving in her skull — was big enough, terrible enough, to electrify a city grown numb to its own badness. In those years, the daily pulse of New York life included a murder, on average, every five hours, every day; rapes nearly twice as often; and robberies just five or six minutes apart.

The victim was white. The accused were black and brown. Buchanan and others echoed the historic calls for the public punishment of dark-skinned men thought to have defiled white women. Just two weeks after the attack, Mr. The boys recanted the confessions and said they had been coerced.

This, their lawyers argued, made the statements inadmissible.